Tired of constantly chasing those dust bunnies? Let our Dusting Divas do it for you! Going on vacation? Go in peace! Just call us first so we can water your plants, clean your property, and freshly stock your fridge for your return.

Staying home instead? Even better! We can make your work week a fun week. We’ll scrub, dust, mop and vacuum so you can play, relax, entertain or be entertained. You choose, because with My Best Friend services you can! We can adapt to any schedule that fits your busy lifestyle.

We also do…
Who likes doing the dishes? You don’t. Let us do them.
Need your laundry washed, dried, or folded? We’ll take care of it.


As if our “normal” cleaning service wasn’t already head and shoulders above the competition, we don’t just stop there. Ask about our white-gloved HazelT Service. You’ll be glad you did!